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Life to Live- Nathan Sison

It was the sweet fruit of love shared by Steve Sison and Angelita Babaan-Sison that gave life to a cute boy named Nathan Daniel Sison.

Nathan was born in the Philippines in December 11, 1994, raised in Las Pinas City and later moved residence to Brgy. Sta. Clara Sur, Pila, Laguna. He grew up and spent most of his time in Laguna. He finished his elementary years at Pila Central Elementary School in the year 2007 as an achiever. Nathan transferred to private Catholic school to continue his studies. He was then enrolled at Liceo de Pila and graduated a Class Achiever last April 2011.
During his high school years, Nathan Sison had been very active both in academics and extra-curricular activities. He was elected as the Student Council Peace Officer when he was in high school and was the Sports Editor of their official publication.
When Nathan was asked as of what his dream was, “One day, I said to myself, I would be up there…and there my dream began to become a Pilot…”
His childhood dream was to become the country’s most popular pilot and to work with the world’s famous airline companies.
But as he was in his fourth year in high school, during their promenade, when he was assigned to be the host, he discovered that he’s gotten a skill for emceeing that could blow the whole arena away. He then realized that it’s better to take up AB in Mass Communication for it suits his skills and aptitudes.
“Here I am now taking up Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at Far Eastern University, such a proud Tamaraw. I met lots of wonderful people that had changed my perspective in life forever”, remarked Nathan.
Nathan is now residing at Morayta Manila, prior to his studies in FEU as a freshman.
When he was asked about the things in life which he would love to do and the things which makes him go “gaga”, Nathan answered with such a great excitement:
“I love music though I’m not a good singer. I don’t love ball sports that much but is in love with water sports. I also love animals especially dogs! I’m a certified animal lover. I’m a simple person who is really down to earth. I really rely on the people around me, yet independent enough to live on my own. I’d like to learn different languages too.”

“I love to eat! Chinese Cuisine or Western grill, but nothing beats Filipino foods.
I’m a traveler in nature! I’m a person who can travel anywhere, anytime. Just give me a map and I can hit the road” 

“ I love to read books, particularly horror books, Bob Ong’s, but I most likely pay attention reading about the Cultures and History’s of some countries of the world”

When asked why did he chose to take up Mass Communication and to become a Tamaraw, Nathan said :
“To be really honest FEU is not that popular way back home. I have no idea what kind of academic institution FEU was, not until I came across dancing with my English teacher during our JS prom, an alumna of FEU, and sarcastically told her Ma’am I will take up Mass Communication like you! She then introduced her Alma Mater-FEU! That particular event gave me an idea to go for FEU; it had driven me to go online and checked on the website of the university, enrolled and here I am now a proud Tamaraw trying to live with Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness-the core values of a Tam!”
“I have chosen AB in Mass Communication, at first I would always say that it’s just my pre-course for Aeronautics, but now it’s a different story, it’s more than that. Someone up there purposely put me on this path and now I love it! It’s now my heart’s desire and I must say upon choosing this course is a vocation, a calling!”
According to his friends and block mates, Nathan is such an active, responsible and dignified student and can reason out with integrity.
His desire to serve his fellow students which he honed during his high school years led him to become a candidate for an academic org in his new university.
He’s still in the period of adjusting in the busy new life of being a college student, but with his friends around him, he was able to do it interestingly.
“I am very proud of many things, and one of it is to have the best and perfect family, because they love me and they give me their full support in everything I do. I am also very proud to say that I am an independent perso. I grew up being a great person with a great attitude despite having a BROKEN FAMILY”

Nathan Sison in pursuit of his dreams of becoming a great broadcaster and journalist someday is doing his best to prove to the rest of the world that he can be a successful person of his chosen career.
“I might have not taken the road of my desire (to become a pilot) but I know someone up there has this plans for me. He always guides me and he put me here for a reason. So I have this mission within me. It is only me who could motivate myself, so I have to carry on…
I am a positive thinker, and I have this positive outlook for my future life. And I still believe I could still pursue that childhood dream of mine, to go up there in that vast sky, now not as a future pilot but as a future broadcaster or journalist!”

happy father's day sayo LOLJK siyempre sa iyong ama :3

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The road not taken…XD

where should I be? do I belong?

Each day, since a young boy up to now, I have always thought of flying… if only I had wings I would tour the world! and there was this loud noise up there in the sky, not a bird but a Plane! such majestic human creation… One day, I said to myself, I would be up there…and there my dream began to become a Pilot! to fly up high!



but Here I am now taking up AB mass communication at Far Eastern University, such a proud tamaraw. I met lots of wonderful people that change my perspective in life forever. 

So why Mass. Comm.? at first my answer was… Hmm cause I need to finish another four year degree (pre-four year course) before I could pursue my flying. Hmm Am I at the Right path? As my classes started I was excited, in Fact needed to read few books about journalism(just not to be left out) I do believe everything has it’s learning process. So there. If you would ask me now do I belong? absolutely yes. I think I chose another path that God wanted me to take. Everything has a reason! everyday I always long for the next day’s morning to come, positively in my mind I said I’m happy with what I chose and I have to be the best within it… I must have to say that I might be the so called “accidental journalist”. 

I have my high hopes for myself. Everyday I enjoy going to school and It’s the people (those bountiful friends of mine) who makes every day a worthy one. I must have to admit Mass. Comm. people are intellectually smart and talented! they are so well minded thinkers, not to mention how good they are when it comes to communicating (siempre FORTE they say) and again I would think of myself and realized I belong!

Every day I would tell to myself  that i must give my everyday Best… always be the best that I can be, everyday grow as a Human being, be observant and project all the love of the people around me, with that positive energy coming from them, I can express then release my emotions/feelings whether good or bad in a nice way.

Just 2 weeks of school from now, I Learned a lot. We are the driver of our lives, we must go straight forward never to turn to what would become the ruins of this wonderful gift of God.

I might have not taken the road of my desire (to be a pilot) but I know someone up there has this plans for me. He always guides me and he put me here for a reason. So I have this mission within me. It is only me who could motivate myself , so i have to carry on…

I am a positive thinker, and I have this positive outlook for my future life. And I still believe I could still pursue that childhood dream of mine, to go up there in that vast sky, now not as a future Pilot but as a future broadcaster or journalist!

God is the architect of our lives but we are still the carpenters of it…

so live life to it’s fullest! Dream but Pursue…what matters is we choose where we want to be and what we could be!

the question to you now is… are you where you want to be? 

by: Nathan Daniel V. Sison


Reblog if you’re a Proud Filipino ♥

I love the attitude of this poem…lols


Reblog if you’re a Proud Filipino ♥

I love the attitude of this poem…lols


OMG, nothing to say… hehehe

OMG, nothing to say… hehehe

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FEU Fresh year- AB MassCommunication, our courses!


1st sem - No Math…wee, 

I’m getting ready, as the saying goes Do your best, but expect for the worst…

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I’m PRO to RH Bill!

GOD our creator the origin of LIFE, As a nationalistic person, I really want to get involve with the progress and advancement of my country. I always want to get involve or at least share my opinion about social issues, concerns and arguments to other people. And I believe now it’s the time for me to share my opinion about the most controversial Bill.


The RH bill also known as House Bill #4244 had gone a long long way passed on from three Presidents already -Estrada, Arroyo and now Aquino. It was 12 years from before and now here we go again. Arguments here and there, some Pro and some Anti. I know we live in a democratic country but why can’t we unite on to looking on the benefits and positive side of the Bill?

My stand:

As a Christian and a Filipino, I’m PRO! why? simply because I’M PRO LIFE and I believe that being born and having a life is not the only reason that we should consider, but having the CHANCE of having a GOOD LIFE which is moreover important. 

Few examples I ought to share, Every time I go out especially in Manila, I see lot’s of beggars, street children, squatter’s area and unfortunate families. So sad about it. What can I do? I feel pity for poor families that couldn’t afford to eat at least three times a day, or seeing our youngster’s work instead of going to school. Try asking on your mind why this things happened? 


RH bill is not just about promoting the use of contraceptives and sex education that other’s say might plunder and shame our filipino values. Try looking on the other side of it. We have to be open, For me (my opinion):

SEX EDUCATION is some what important to our youth. It is for them to be educated to know and BE GUIDED! To have awareness with these thing’s. It’s not to instill and promote SEX in the minds of our young ones but to teach them the thing’s they need to know about it so when time come’s they will know what to do, Cause no matter what, SEX is SEX! from this modern time it is present. Be honest and true to yourself. Accept the fact. It is a biological need though not necessary still being done. 

Contraceptive’s are important means of medicine to help pregnancy control. In that way we will lessen the burden of each one that might lead to unexpected pregnancy. Since the use of this was banned and illegalized rates of unexpected pregnancy had gone up. This is not meant to KILL LIFE, it’s to control Life. No life was taken away by this.

Condom’s are accessible. With this no life was being taken away. Scientifically cause with the use of this, there is no fertilization that’s happening , Ain’t different with masturbating.Duh!

I believe that this bill would strengthen and empower the family of every Filipino people. As we have a saying in Economics that a well managed family always lead to a well managed community.

Bottomline: Philippines should wake up and be brave embracing this. It took us too long already. Other countries had approved the bill and I personally believe we should do so.  We have to be united and be open-minded. The bill is not to disobey God’s will, It’s for everyone to have a GOOD LIFE and CHANCE TO HAVE A LIFE WORTH LIVING. Filipino Moral and Values aren’t being torn here, It will actually improved it. Population is said to be a nation’s riches but a population of liabilities and poverty is not! and lastly…

What’s life when there is no future ahead? Think again

Remember : The bill isn’t forcing us to use contraceptives or what so ever, It’s a matter of choice so why don’t approve the bill? What’s the difference?

This was only my opinion, I want to hear your side aswell.

so there… Godbless us and be Pro-Life of chance!

by: Nathan Daniel V. Sison


Though I’m not from UP, this video had a big impact on me. HONOR and EXCELLENCE.

After watching this, I learned a lot. Please watch.

CONGRATULATION’s to Jessica Soho

GMA’s broadast journalist Jessia Soho pinarangalan ng Reader’s Digest award.

-Most Trusted Personality

Wow! It was such an great honor to the Philippines, having Jessica Soho. Such a great journalist. She’s one of my inspirations and one of the reason’s on why I’m taking up AB Mass Communications. Im so proud of her. IDOL! She so much deserves that award. Yeah.

congrat’z to GMA network aswell…


proud young tamaraw!

proud young tamaraw!


It would be France, I just love the beauty of thier place, the culture, foods, the ambiance and most importantly the French people and thier beautiful women. hahaha hopefully I could visit and live there someday.XD


Time passed by so fast, few days to go and I’ll be on college! yeah.XD

Time passed by so fast, few days to go and I’ll be on college! yeah.XD

Okay. Good for you. Good luck Nathan to your career, I wish you stamina and courage as you face lots of challenges ahead. Your journey may be too long and perilous but always remember that the prize is all worth it, may you lead to the right path of sweet success. It might be hard at first but it's always fulfilling. Thank you for your time. Nice meeting you Mr. Nathan Daniel Velasquez Sison.

Thanks for all the nice words…so what do you think?